The World Wide Pet Supply Association is a non-profit association that is organised to represent the interest of animal products and members in the industry.

WWPSA is known as the oldest pet industry trade association in America as our members have grown to nearly 500 members that include suppliers, livestock/breeder distributors, manufacturers, product distributors, and retail businesses.

Here at WWPSA, we aim to create a strong market for the goods and services of our members. We seek to promote and raise awareness for responsible development and growth of pet products and services.

Here’s What We Do:

  • Create and built trade relationships within the industry
  • Support pet-related organisations in efforts to enhance the quality
  • Promote the benefits of pet companionship
  • Promote consumer education and raise awareness on quality products and services
  • Develop pet educational programs for consumers and retailers in the industry

The World Wide Pet Supply Association aims to bring every aspect of pet animal companionship to share their stories and provide exhibits that include retailers, groomers, humane rescue organisations, veterinarians, and manufacturers. We aim to bring every companion animal on display and to be featured on our seminars and events.

Join us now to learn more about our association and how you can become involved with WWPSA