Our Members: Include The Largest Pet Stores In The US

The below is a list of members involved with World Wide Pet Supply Association.


PetSmart, Inc. is one of the largest pet supply retailers in the country. They provide smart and healthy choices with nearly 1,500 pet stores available in the United States. PetSmart offers a large variety of competitively priced pet food and products along with dog training, boarding, grooming, adoption, and day care services.


With over fifty years of services to pet care and supply, Petco has gained the lead as a pet supply speciality retailer with a focus on nurturing the relationship between owner and pets. Petco provides hundreds of products, services, training and advice to keep your pet at their best health.


Pet Value is the largest pet supply retailer in North America that provides food and supplies for pet animals. With over 7,000 products, you will find the brands you need for your pets with a large variety of essential supplies to suit the budget of every owner. All stores are local owners to help local pets in need. Local stores are also involved with local shelters, fundraisers, rescues, and charities.


Pet Supplies Plus has over 300 stores nationwide. Here you will find only the best of quality products and services that range from excellent food choices to American-made pet products.


Pet Food Express takes pride in finding homes for thousands of homeless animals via adoption events that are annually held at their stories. There you will find the right choice of supply that meets your pet’s diet with a trained staff that understands the characteristics of your pet’s needs. You will also discover that Pet Food Express provides quality and affordable vet care.


Petland, Inc. is a private Ohio corporation pet store franchise with a desire to make a difference in the community. Petland has continued to provide the best services in the animal care with quality products, training programs, adoption services and more.